Tuesday, July 6, 2010

For ladies out there who wants to be serviced and loved

Hi ladies out there, i will like to meet up with you for some one to one fun and action. You will definaltely feel loved and contented after the session. Do contact me at my email richardmok007@gmail.com (email with photos attached preffered but not necessary) Cya soon!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A nite out with a gal i know online

Met this 25 years old property agent online. After chatting for 30mins, we realised we coundnt control our urges anymore. Picked her up at her home and head straight to hotel 81.

She is about 1.62m, long hair with big eyes....fair skin.... slightly above average looks.....figure not too bad..can put in a few more kilos....nice ass and cute looking breast. She told me she is a cup A+. We chatted in the car...can really sense that we both wanted to start the passion asap.

Not a minute wasted, we were on the bed hugging and fondling for about 10mins. We french kissed passionately and natural i started moving downwards. Can felt her geting the sensation when i move my lips around her neck...her breathing got heavier, i slowly worked down her breast and begin teasing around her nipples, she was really turned on by this..... by this moment the sexy moaning got louder. I knew she really wanted my lips straight on her nipples...i played around them for a while before starting hitting on them ...u guessed it..i could feel her melting in sensation while i sucked...licked and painted her perking pinkish nipples........ By this time she couldnt resist any longer, i gently fondle her vagina....which by then was already ultra wet!!!!! I asked for a blow-job...and she gave an above average one....my penis was all ready for her....we started with her on top....then dogging and finished off with missionary....she got her orgasm during dogging....and she reached the ultimate orgasm during missionary when i thrust in real fast and hard for about 15mins. Her sexy soft moaning still turn me on when iam writing this......really love her smoking eye contact while making love which is a good bonus!!!

Overall this is one of the best fling i have....we still sms each other once in a while......in fact she just ask me out yesterday but unfortunately iam busy with work..will definately see her again..both thumbs up!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To all ladies out there who are looking for a out of this world experience..(ulimate foreplaying leading to upmost sexual orgasm)....will like to meet up with you!!! Life is too short without discovering ur inner-self. Contact me and we definately will have a very very good time together!

Any ladies who like to arrange for a meet up pls email your contact no. and email address to richardmok007@gmail.comIam sure we will have a fantistic time together!!!!

Name: Richard
Country: Singapore
Race: Chinese
Skin color: Mild Tanned
Language: English and Mandarin